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Whenever I have sex or masturbate, I find that I experience discomfort when my foreskin moves up and down. I think this is caused by the inside of my foreskin being sticky. This means that the foreskin doesn't glide smoothly, it kind of peels down like a sticker when I retract it over the glans.

This isn't caused by any fluid or discharge. I used to use soap to clean my penis but for a while I've just used water as I read this was preferable, however it hasn't got any better since the change. My penis has always been quite sensitive and it is still sometimes uncomfortable when the exposed head rubs against clothes, which tends to happen occasional when wearing boxers as my foreskin is relatively small and sometimes retracts behind the head on its own. I used to think that my discomfort was caused by the foreskin being too small and have worked on stretching it before, however I am now thinking that without the stickiness it would function okay.

I am 21 years old and used to produce a lot of smegma before I started actively washing my penis but I don't get it any more.

Any help would be much appreciated, this has been causing me considerable distress.

It's really hard to describe, almost like the skin is sticky or tacky but not wet. When I retract the foreskin with my fingers, it doesn't slide down instantly, it kind of slowly follows. p.s. circumcision is certainly not a valid answer at this stage so please refrain from any such debate.

Edit: I have also tried proper lube before. While this helps for a couple of minutes, I find it quickly dries out/becomes thick and makes the discomfort worse. Another thing I have noticed is that my penis head has a textured feel and does not look as smooth as other uncut penises I have seen.


Hi Matt27183:

The foreskin is a double layer of skin and mucosa. Body fluid is betwen the layers to serve as a lubricant.

When you masturbate, the outer skin should glide smoothly over the inner skin. It is not necessary or desirable to retract your foreskin when masturbating.

Try putting some baby oil inside your foreskin. That should end any stickiness.




My penise is about 7inches when hard but the older i get the smaller it seems to get when soft, now when its soft and small the foreskin engulfs the head and its like i wasnt circumcised- which i was it even hurts it pushes the head in so far, whats wrong with my weiner?