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Hi I am 18 and I woke up the other morning and I had a big red lump on the side of my left breast it was filled with pus, I just left it but last night it poped so I tryes to drain it as best as I could and now I have holes on the lump and it is really painful I'm to embarrassed to go and see a doctor :(


Hi Sophie

These pus filled lumps are known as abscess more commonly observed in breastfeeding women. However, these can be caused by bacterial infection too. Yes, they can be quite painful and you might have a slight temperature too. Breast is a soft tissue, so, if you mishandle them you do risk the chance of spreading this infection.

May I suggest that you visit a doctor who will recommend a topical anti-bacterial cream after draining it [if necessary] and some pain relievers to ease off pain. It will be sometime before you can be normal. Don't be embarassed, instead be brave and visit a doctor ASAP