After one surgery for lisfranc fracture, I was finally on to physical therapy when my follow up appointment with my surgeon revealed that the top/left midfoot hardware had come loose.  Reasons why included possibly bad physical therapy or my body rejecting the metal in the foot (I have a severe metal allergy).  Three days later I had surgery to re-do that portion of the hardware.....after that, more complications mostly with wound recovery.  Finally the metal was removed on the left two metatarsals.  I began physical therapy again and asked why the shape of my foot (and hugely obvious bunion) hadn't gone back to normal after removal of hardware.  My PT said, "you need a second opinion, this shouldn't have happened."  I went back to my surgeon who said, "You had a bunion before your accident."  UH..NOOO.  And I provided a pic of my feet I took two months before my surgery showing off my shoes at a wedding.  He didn't have much to say about that.  Now I've had a second opinion and another major surgery planned to fix this issue.  Has anyone else ever heard of this?  I'm on my feet but in a lot of pain and can't wear any of my old shoes.  Foot looks horribly deformed.