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I had broken jaw surgery 3 to 4 months ago, Broke my jaw in two places and They had to put a metal plate in, And wire my mouth shut for a few weeks. Now I have a big hard knot on my lower jaw bone, And it hurts really bad, Its in between the size of a golf ball & a pool ball. It is directly underneath the scar from them putting in a Metal plate. It kinda look like When my jaw is swollen from a bad toothache b/c of the infection part.. PLEASE HELP. I cannot afford no more hospital bills. Is it the metal plate or is it the scar That is got infected or is it something totally differnt? If anybody has any suggestions I sure would appreciate it.


If the area of the knot is reddened and extremely sore, it may be infected.  Are you running a temperature at all?  I think you should have someone look at it.  If you cannot afford to go to the doctor's office, maybe you can describe what is going on with the nurse and see if she will check with the doctor.  Maybe the doctor can send a script over the the pharmacy for antibiotics or maybe have some free samples at their office they can give you.  You can also try public health to see if they can help you and then you wouldn't have a huge bill either.  I hope my suggestions help you out.