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Why have t I hit puberty I am 14 and 7 months I have alot of hair on my penis and on my scrotum but whenu go into the water or take a shower my penis get so small it's not even noticeable ! I have barely any pubic hair no arm pit hair and barely any mustache hair , my penis is about 3-4 inches when hard I need help please !!


Hi Waka,

It's NORMAL for your penis and testicles to shrink when you go into the water.  Lots of guys call it "shrinkage." 

Don't worry about armpit or facial hair yet, it often comes later in puberty, 15 or even 16 on many guys.

You're NORMAL.  You're size is average for 14 year old too.  Don't compare yourself to others, everyone develops differently.

Hope it helps.