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hi i have been reading everyones post trying to fiqure out what is wrong with me. i have also been having pressure in my head and feels like pressure in my chest and it gets worst at night. my doc told me i was having cluster headaches and she prescribed amitricytin but it is not working. i had a ct scan ekg and they all came back neg. this pressure is so intense that it stops me in what i am doing. can anyone tell me the next step to do. worried and scared


dear guest  My husband has been suffering from cluster headaches for years.  He was prescribed steriods which basically just made him grow hair on his back.  after year of crying in pain dehabilatated from pain. We found the only thing that really works to relieve the pain is ..... ICE  COLD showers  as cold as you can take it for as long as you can take it. Dr. said run around block first then jump in cold shower. The blood pressure leaves your head a its trying to warm up your freezing body. Hot water just makes it worse so warmish and ice cold water ,the running helps get the blood flowing  good luck to you    the older you get they should get less frequent                                 your friend  BEEN THERE