Hi my name is don't panic... I am a 34! Year old female. 5 weeks go I started having shortness of breathe that lead into me having severe panic attacks!! I went through these about 3-4 times a day... I don't know what caused them... They would wake me out of my sleep and it was so scary! I been to the ER More times than I can count on one hand and they had no answers... They did blood work and ct scan and it all came back normal.... I even had an MRI of my brain and my pituitary gland And it all Came back normal ( it did show I have a deviated septum) During this period I also had no appetite... Constipation ... Nausea... In return I lost about 7lbs in the course of a month. I began to become depressed.. I was unable to drive in the car without panicking... I was no longer able to work out for over a month as I am a fitness competitor ... I felt like this was the end ... As though I was gonna die. After 3 weeks of constant panick attacks they halted!! Just like that!! However the headaches got worst.... I went to see a neurologist and he sent me to have an MRI of my cervical spine... The tests came back that I had pinched nerves, herniations and stenosis in my cervical spine... The headaches became worst and are more constant with pain in my neck.. Back ... Between my shoulder blades. The headaches are a burning sensation at the top of head... The back of head... Pressure at the temples and sometimes behind my eyes. My gp prescribed me fiorocet which I finally broke down and took because I HATE pills and have had bad reactions such as gabapentitn which was prescribed before. I am taking 325 4x a day and it works wonders but when it wares off I feel the stabbing burning headache. I don't have any fever along with these symptoms but I'm just baffled that these are just headaches from my cervical spine as my neurologist suggests!!! Since however I have been eating agin and fined back the weight and I don't have any fevers. I was so healthy and so happy and upbeat then bam this all started happening and my life been upside down since. Is there anyone else out there that has gone through this or is going through this ... I've Been to many specialists and no one seems to have any answers... Please help!!!