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i was on implanon birth control for a year i have been off now for about 4 months now and have had 3 normal cycles i try everything but still no baby i even tried ovulation tests, basil body temp, and prenatal vitamins , i lay on my back after i have sex and do everything im supposed to and still nothing please some advice


It can take some time to become pregnant. When your stressing out and putting so much pressure on yourself and your partner it can hurt your chance of becoming pregnant. Most doctors will not see you until after a year of trying to conceive so in the meantime try to relax and have fun. Have sex every few days and try not to make it about your ovulating and have to have sex etc. Studies have shown that man under pressure will make less sperm and semen and can also cause the sperm to not function properly. Make sure your drinking plenty of water so your body will make more personal lubricant which will help the sperm survive longer inside of your vagina and tubes. If your underweight or overweight it will also help to get your body to a better bmi level. Good Luck and I wish you Baby Dust :-)