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Hi i am nearly 34 years old i have been trying for a baby since aug 2005 my family have a history of early menapause my mum was aged 44 when she had hers how long should i wait if i dont fall before seeing my gp? What sort of a chance have i got of falling pregnant at my age & with family history of early menapause? many thanks


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Being over 30 already makes you prone to certain difficulties. There could be a decrease in the fertility because of less ovulation. If you don’t manage to get pregnant in six month’s time, you should look for professional help. You could do HCG levels measurements in order to check your fertility.
Although more suspected of having difficulties conceiving or during pregnancy, most “older women” have healthy pregnancies and babies.
Conceiving after the age of 30 makes you more likely to experience difficulties during labor that include: fetal distress and prolonged second stage of labor.
You could also experience certain problems during pregnancy considering your age. These are high blood pressure, diabetes, miscarriage, placental problems, premature deliveries, low birth weight and chromosomal abnormalities.
However, with all the new technology out there, most of the things can be detected and give you options to chose from.

Have you already tried to contact a doctor or you are trying on your own following ovulation sighs and symptoms?