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i downloaded a app on my phone called my days . it said i have high fertility on the 13 - 17 & i ovulate on the 18th. i had sex the 15. is there any possible way i could get pregnant , i also noticed today when i went to the bathroom that i had a clupy of clear gooey mucus stuff on the toilet paper, it had no smell or anything, what could that be?


If you ovulate on the 18th, yes, your fertile from about the 13th to the 20th. Sperm lives about 5 days, the egg, about 48 hours after ovulation. That's the window for conception.

Mucous, is likely just mucous. It's not uncommon. By itself it does not mean you are pregnant. Wait until your period is late to test. Use your first morning urine as it is more concentrated and more likely to show a positive. Testing early will result in a "false negative." False positives are very rare.

Good luck!