About 7 months ago I woke up with a crazy sound effect of fireworks in my left ear. The sound is best described as a high pitch frequency like a dog whistle or the high pitch sound a T.V. Makes. I started to clean the ear with cleaners thinking it was a wax build up. After a month it went away. However a couple of weeks after that it return but this time with a different symptom. I hear the same high pitch frequency sound but now mainly (90 percent of the time) I hear it when I hear another noise in the room. Clicking noises seem to aggravate the high pitch sounds more often. The duration of the sound can be from .5 seconds up to 30 seconds. However if the room is completely quiet I do not hear it, unless I clinch my teeth and make a small clicking noise it will trigger it. This symptom is very strange I do not have any other symptoms besides that. I'm 30 years old and do not have a history of sickness nor a family history of ear problems. The last thing I remember doing before all of this happen 7 months ago is that I violently scratched my ear with my finger after I took a shower because I had an uncontrollable itch sensation. I have had two auditory tests, (normal) I had a nerve test (Normal)
I just recently had an MRI done and the doctor could not make heads or tails of the MRI report. It was like he did not understand what the radiology place was saying to him. I found this very disappointing and now I am having panic attacks because I think that there is something really wrong with me.

MRI. Report

Brain:(too long to type everything said normal) seems to be normal.

IACS: "This is a limited evaluation of the IACs. There is some question of thickening and enhancement within the left internal auditory canal. There is no evidence of expansion of the canal. Enhanced of the vestibule also cannot be entirely excluded. There is some artifact present due to technical difficulties. Repeat examination of the IACs with high resolution T2-weighted imaging of the IACs in addition to pre and post gadolinium images is recommended for a formal IAC MRI."

Impression: " This unenhanced and enhanced MRI of the brain does not demonstrate any intracranial abnormalities. In particular, there is no evidence of intercranial mass, bleed or infarct. Limited view of the IACs. Recommend followup with formal MRI IACs with high resolution T2 imaging.

The doctor could not tell me what the results were he seems to not know much about his profession and he is an ENT doctor. I need help from any doctors or people who can help me decipher this to better understand what is wrong with me. I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you and God bless.