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yesterday i was masturbating and i pulled my foresking back too far and i felt a sudden pain, almost like somehting had broken or snapped. I then looked down and there was a lot of blood coming out of my penis. i went in to the toilet and washed the blood out. at first i thought my foreskin had been broken off from my penis but it was still attatched although if i pulled my foreskin back there was a small red bubble thing and some loose skin around the back area of my penis. It doesn't hurt anymore but i was wondering what should i do? i haven't told anyone yet. i just realy hope i do not need surgery and it will heal by itself. thanks.


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Is it your frenulum that you tore?
Google frenulum if you need a description and photos.

It will heal OK just keep it clean. If you want to make it less likely to tear in the future put something like gauze on it so the ends don't heal back together. That will allow your foreskin to slide down the shaft more without pulling on it.

Mine tore several times during sex right after I got married. I wrapped it to keep it from healing back together each time and now it's not even there. My foreskin slides all the way to the bottom of the shaft without pulling on the tip and it's wonderful.