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Hi, im 15 in a month. ive read that the foreskin should be easily pulled back over the head from an early age, ive tried gradually pulling it back further and it feels like ill get it in a week or two, but ive noticed the top of the foreskin is connected to the tip of my penis by a thin bit of skin. im worried about stretching this in case it breaks when its not supposed to or cause permanent damage.
please offer any advice you can


Hi 'Guest',

That 'bit of skin' is likely to be your frenulum, can you do a google search just to make sure.

Your foreskin sounds like it may be a little tight. You sound like you've made good progress on the stretching, just remember to be careful and don't force it anywhere. You will need to be extra careful when the foreskin is loose enough to get back over the glans but still tight enough to get trapped there. If your foreskin does get trapped behind the glans, you will have to squeeze your glans and pull the foreskin back into place before swelling requires you to make a trip to A&E. But its unlikely to happen if your careful, you just need to know.

You shouldn't cause any permanent damage by stretching your frenulum, njoynlife has more experience of stretching frenulums than me though, I'll see if I can get him to pop by.

Hope I've helped a bit, any more questions just ask :-)


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Hi there, Kingfreeze sent me XD

I can tell you my experience with this. I came into this world before the age of jet aircraft. When the doctor mentioned circumcision to my mother she says she told him no one was going to cut off anything that came from the factory with HER little boy o.O So he told her it was going to be her job to pull that skin back at every bath time to clean under it.

Therefor I grew up thinking it was normal for the foreskin to go all the way back behind the glans and I knew exactly what was under there all my life. When I got to my teen years and my erections became larger, the tip was too tight if it happened to get caught behind the glans as an erection came on. To relieve that I stretched it by inserting two fingers in the tip and stretching it wider while I was in the shower. Stretch it until it hurts a little and hold it as long as you can. This probably will cause stretch marks that are a little sore, especially when urine gets on them, but it's not really bad. It took several months to stretch it enough.

My frenulum wasn't a problem until I got married and began having sex every day. It tore and then the ends healed back together so it was still too short. The next time it tore I wrapped it to keep the ends from healing back together and it was a little longer. It tore a few more times but eventually it was long enough to allow my foreskin to retract all the way back. At that point the tip was able to roll all the way down the shaft nearly to my abdomen. It is truly a joy to have a foreskin that rolls all the way back there easily and comfortably, so what little pain was involved was definitely worth it. Mine tore naturally during sex but you can have a doctor cut it after numbing it if that's the problem. Just make sure he cuts it so it will no longer interfere with your foreskin retracting all the way. I have read about guys who had that done and it was still too short. I can't see having to go back and do it again. Make sure they get it RIGHT the first time.

Back when I was a kid people didn't go to the doctor regularly. Well, maybe rich people did, but we didn't. You went if you felt sick enough so you thought you might die. You went if you saw so much blood you thought you might bleed to death. So when my frenulum tore at the beginning of my sex life, I figured that was normal for a male, kind of like a girl tearing her hymen. I just thought it was something that had to be gotten out of the way so my foreskin would roll all the way back for sex.

I know others seem to think you are supposed to keep it intact, but that seems to me to be something that inhibits comfortable sex and would always keep you worrying about it instead of getting the full enjoyment from sex. :-D

Just my opinion 8-|