2 days ago after sitting at my computer for 3 days straight (summer started) i got up and ran a half a mile on a treadmill. I did not stretch before or after, i just go up and ran because i felt i needed some exercise. I am not overweight but im also not that well fit.

Now im having pain in my inner left thigh, like right where it goes flat where your crotch is, and pain in the back of my left thigh, and lower left back pains along with hip pains right where your leg folds to your abdomen. It almost feels like it could be coming from my left testicle, but the testicle itself does not hurt (see my other post: https://www.steadyhealth.com/topics/am-i-paranoid-or-is-something-wrong&hpr=Am_i_paranoid_or_is_something_wrong_). I also feel a little nauseous like car sick but i have no abdominal pains.

Are these all symptoms of a groin strain and not something more serious? And how long will it take a groin strain to heal (so i can rule it out after a certain amount of time). I ran 2 days ago, yesterday it was more sore and today its less sore.

Im concerned because if it was a strain would it be on both sides of my body? After a quick search it looks like its common on the left side of the body.