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I found out what is wrong with me, it had nothing to do with the lymph nodes apparently its common for peoples lymph nodes to be mildly swollen. The soar throat I have is being caused by muscles spasms in my throat due to me not using my voice properly when I talk/ or due to using it too much without rest and straining it badly when I began to encounter the problem. This could be the case with some of you so I suggest you go see a throat/voice specialist. As it doesn't go away without treatment such as speech therapy where they teach u how to exercises etc to get rid of this, this is what im undergoing now so hopefully im better soon but im pretty sure it takes bout 4-5 months to fully heal. hope this helps some of yall aswell.

I am not recovered yet as I have only been doing speech therapy for a week, but I was informed the symptoms would not go away on their own and that speech therapy is needed.


doesn't look like mine is this anymore, but not 100% sure. ARGGHHHH