So I've read through a couple of threads already about other runners recovering from sports hernia surgeries, etc., and there seems to be a lot of mixed results/their case is different than mine - thus, I am starting my own. While my main sport is not running, I do run XC in the fall, play ultimate frisbee, swim, and bike. Plus, I would kill to be pain-free and able to run however and when ever I want to - overall very active. Basically, around 10 months ago I injured my adductor/groin with an explosive movement- it gave me a weird feeling on my inner thigh at the time, but wasn't exactly painful. That night I could hardly walk, and any movement using the adductor muscles (pinching my thighs together, hip flexion) was unbearable. The next day it seemed to have improved dramatically, and my normal course with injuries (although none this serious) was that they healed relatively quickly and I never had to take dramatic time off. Essentially the pain never went away, and physical therapy didn't work. I self-diagnosed it as an adductor/groin strain, but I was in the middle of my seasons so I just stuck it out until the summer. By then the pain had spread to my lower ab (all of this on the left side) and going 100% was out of the question. This summer I finally went in, it was diagnosed as a sports hernia, and I found out I've got retroverted hips (also very inflexible, inherited, in case this changes anything)- one orthopedic surgeon recommended 6 weeks of rest, it didn't work, so I just got the sports hernia repaired 2 weeks ago. The surgeon said 6 weeks until I can start doing ab-work (includes swimming) but maybe a bit before then I can start low-distance low-intensity running. What do you think is the likelihood that my adductor pain will return (after rest of course)? And if the sports hernia is related to a groin strain, is it possible for the injury to return if we haven't fully fixed the groin strain? At this point I just want to be back at 100% and am not willing to risk re-injuring it... I've improved dramatically since the surgery, not doing anything on it/avoid using my abs/adductor, came off pain meds 3 days after the surgery. When I begin to re-introduce to activity, how will I be able to gauge if I'm going too hard ? I tend to go at my max if I'm being active and don't want to lose all my progress. Sorry for the post length, and thank you! Any details are MUCH appreciated!