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Im very worried ,im 55 years of age and I havnt had my period in over 8years I have passed the whole menapause..and all out of the blue last night I blead and after awhile it stopped ??I have gone to see my doctor and am now waiting to go for test to be on the safe side ??My doctor has told me its postmenapause but im am very worried and would like to know could anyone relate to my problem please ,it would realy put my mind at ease if I could here from other women


Hello Besty,

It is not unusual to have a period or slight period during menopause or postmenopause.  You hormones haven't disappeared they are still there.  Estrogen levels are lower and progesterone levels are higher.  However, sometimes estrogen production increases for any number of reasons.  Sometimes when you're around a lot of men and you're are not usually , this can increase hormone production.  Perhaps you find someone attract as of late.  That could increase hormone production.  I doubt you have any medical complications to worry about but it is good that you went to the doctor to make sure.  I'm sure your tests will come out fine.