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im 19yrs old and havnt had a period in 2 years but im too scared to go to the doctors as its been so long! please help me!


AMENORREAH is the medical term for lack or absence of a period. It can result from an interuption at any of several points in the normal cycle.

Pregnancy, not you, Menopause, not you, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease or PID, you would know it for sure so, again not you, Poly Cystic Ovary is enlarged ovaries with multiple cysts, Hypopituitarism is low levels of pituitary hormone, Ovarian Cyst, a fluid filled sac that develops on or in the ovary, which by the way hurts, so that's probably not you, Hyperthyroidism which is an imbalance of metabolism caused by over production of the thyroid hormone, Hypothroidism is a condition where the thyroid fails to produce enough thryroid hormone.

These problems, if you have any of them, can be detected and fixed by your Doctor. Afew blood tests so he can detect which hormones you are lacking and he can fix them.