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I had a really bad stomach ache , I suffer from IBS, and since the last bought of diarreah ended I have had a feeling of pressure as I finished urinating. It has been for a day now and I am pretty sure it isn't a Urinary tract infection. I have had those. I am wondering if its possible to strain the urertha.


Hi there,

It seems to me that your pressure might be caused by irritable bowel syndrome causing bloated stomach that reflects on your bladder. Have you noticed any gas problems with your irritable bowel syndrome? You should try to get rid of your irritable bowel syndrome as soon as you can. What kind of medication are you using to treat this condition? Have you changed anything in your diet in past several weeks? My suggestion is that you try to alter food and water intake for some time and see if you have any positive changes for your problem. Did you noticed any blood in your urine? Sometimes this can happen as well when you have these issues.

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