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17 yo dau complains that urinating and bowel movements hurt her stomach muschles. Steady fever at 99 degrees give or take 1/2 a degree. No bleeding, no burning. She said it hurts her stomach muscles to do either and therefore makes the 2 difficult to accomplish. BM every 3 days or so, and urinating has decreased. Drinks cranberry juice, drinks water. Unk what the casue may be??


Hi there,

It seems to me that you are having problems with a major infection in your body. The thing is that you might have irritable bowel disorder along with urinary tract infection. Now if these two combine together you will have a rough time treating them both. you will have to be very careful about your diet and you will need antibiotics to help fight the infection in your urinary tract. Cranberry juice is very good for problematic stomach but I think that you should also avoid foods that might cause bloating and diarrhea. Have you noticed any cramps in your lower abdomen? Also make sure that your body has enough rest. I hope this helped a bit.

All the best,