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About a week ago I had very painful intestinal distress. I hadn't eaten anything funny, and I was fully hydrated. Now for the past week I've been having upper abdominal pain before, during and after eating... almost like my upper abdomen is full of gas. If I haven't eaten, I just feel hungry or fine. It also feels like a diarrhea stomach ache but when I try and pass something, I have very few, small but normal (in consistency) looking stool but there are fluffy light yellowish stuff mixed in. I feel a little better after I pas gas, but not much. I used to be so regular with my bowel movements. Does anyone know what could be wrong with me??? I'm lactose intolerant, but I stay away from dairy and usually when I eat dairy I have diarrhea, which is what I WISH was happening now. I've also ruled out a gluten intolerance because I've gone a few days without it and my problem still persists. HELP!

I also started taking adderalll about two weeks ago, but according to internet research, this isn't a side effect.


Hi! This could be caused by some kind of bacteria, like Helicobacter pylori. Or by an Irritable bowel syndrome. Mucus (fluffy light yellowish stuff) in the stool is a common symptom of irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis. You could try taking some over the counter anti-gas medications, they are effective in relieving both upper abdominal gas and lower abdominal gas, but it would be advisable to see your doctor as well. Take care.