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I have been having stomach and back spasms waking me up aroun 2:30 p.m. each morning for about a week. I do have IBS but never had pain this severe. If I get up and walk around my stomach and back feel as if they have soars on them. Any ideas? After about 30 minutes I can go back to sleep but when I wake up I am still soar for about 1 hour.


Hi there,

The thing that might be causing your problems is kidney stones. Do you know anything about kidney stones and possible symptoms? If you already have irritable bowel syndrome, kidney stones can only exaggerate the pain in your body. Kidney stones usually cause pain in the middle back where your kidneys are located. The pain can be sharp and it can last for long period of time. You will have to do a urine test at the hospital to confirm this. There are several way to treat this and most of these treatments require to urinate the stones out which can be very painful considering the possible size of the stones.

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