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Hi i am 22yr old boy and i have sex with prostitute last 3 months ago....and i fot blood in urine last 5 ago and i made urine test ..the report said i have std( Trichomonas vaginalis )..and i am taking treatment ...i have no blood in urine but i have small burning sensation and a yellow pus is coming out of my i am too risk of getting hiv ..or in which days it( Trichomonas vaginalis )will cure....and does it comes back after curration.....and in how many days i have to make hiv test perfectley know i have hiv......plz i too worried.


Hi rrrr,

Trichomoniasis, any STD really, will increase the chances of you getting HIV.  It DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE HIV.

You can get tested now.  Normally you'd show antibodies after about 30 days if you were infected.  Usually two tests are given, one now and another at 6 months.

Once you get cured of Trichomoniasis, it can come back ONLY if you are exposed to it again.  It is not a virus, it is a parasitic organism.

Hope it helps.