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I just recently had a yest infection and I've been taking medication for it. But lately I been farting alot lately. And sometimes my vagina smells like fart. Can someone tell me whats wrong with me.


i had a colon check and the hose got stuck on my scar tissue from a surgery i had long time ago  now i have vaginal farts or quirts as some call them   it is loud and at times has a smell like a fart  no one can tell me what is causing this or how to get rid of this
its very upsetting as i never ever have had anything like this before

i seem to get bladder infection and have had yeast infection once
my dr is sending me to see an obgyn surgeon so hope she can tell me what is causing this and what to do about it
sometimes the suirts feel wet but dont seem to be but its still terrilbe to have this and cant find anyone to help