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Ever since I was little I have had the urge to hurt something I learned to control it because of religious standards, but as I got older I have realized that I had these urges because I hate everyone I meet. I play the social game very well to disguise who I really am, but underneath it all I fantasize about ending people and what there face would look like helpless. I have never done anything, but I feel scared because I have tried for many years by myself to control my urges, but I feel like they could easily take my over. I grew up in a home where God and the Bile was the only thing that could help a person, but I cannot imagine why God would make me this way which also scares me. i want ot know if these are normal or if I need some serious help?


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hey there rick,

how old are you? everyone has some level of anger in them however what you are descrribing seems a bit abnormal. there are different mental conditions which can cause someone to feel this way.
what i suggest is to go see a counsoler of therapist so that they may be able to further diagnose you and perhaps offer some medication to help with your urges.

PLEASE know that these urges are not your fault and also God is good and he never gives us anything we can not handle. trust in him and pray to him to help you deal/overcome these urges.

I have faith and confidence that you will be ok if you seek some proffessional help.

anytime you need to chat/vent you can come here! please let me know how your doing ;-)