5 weeks ago I (extremely foolishly) slept with a guy in Indonesia whilst on holiday there. This was the first one night stand I have had, and had just came out of a 8 year relationship. This guy in Indonesia said to me 'I don't have a condom' so I gave him one, I found later though that he did not use it, when I asked him why not he said 'because I like you', I asked him if he ejaculated inside and he said 'No', and I could feel the ejaculate on my body. I took the morning after pill straight after and asked for PEPS, but they do not do it in Indonesia. Fast forward a week and I get back to my country, go to the clinic for STI and blood tests, find out I am pregnant, ask him again if he ejaculated inside, he says 'yes, because I like you'. Turns out he came twice, one inside, one outside, and just carried on. I am worried as I do not know this guy, he's obviously extremely promiscuous as works on the beach in a popular holiday destination - however I'm not sure how many tourists would be stupid enough to sleep with him, he told me he has slept with 4 tourists however who knows, he also told me that I am the only one he hasn't used a condom with (again who knows! I doubt this). The tourist demographic there is generally richer than average very clean looking Europeans, young girls, so I'm hoping that puts me in a lower risk category. I asked him I am also worried as he lies a lot, he lied about his age to me (he's only 21), how long he'd worked there, about the condom, and numerous other things and so I don't feel I can trust what he says. I told him to get a blood test for HIV and an STI check, as if I have caught something from him the baby would have it also, he said that he went and there was no problem (no idea if he actually went or not). I had my first set of results back, all STIs came back as clear, and HIV came back as negative but at this point was only 8 days post exposure so was told it was not reliable. I have another week to wait and am unbearably anxious, I can barely sleep. I have not had any 'flu symptoms' but this horrendous feeling in my throat, not quite a sore throat but an aggravated feeling which has closed up my throat, and my ears seem to be joined with this feeling. I have had bad morning sickness, fatigue, bad stomach but thinking these must be pregnancy related? Have felt like death but hard to distinguish which feelings belong to anxiety, which to pregnancy and which to possible infection. Last night I read about night sweats and started having them, so I'm hoping that was just psychosomatic and anxiety induced. I am so scared that I have ruined my life, is anyone else in the same boat?