I been with my boyfriend for 4 years, he has been in and out of town for work he was away for a month come home for Christmas then went again it's been nearly two months now, we had a argument and broke up for a week or two I have had a one night stand with this bloke I know after we left the club I went back to the motel, we started kissing and so on I told him to use a condom he said he never had one so I said no don't do it but after kissing and rubbing we did it anyways.. Through the next week on the Wednesday I had a blood test then yesterday on Saturday the dr rang ask could he speak to me and has told me I've got Chlamydia.. I don't want to tell my boyfriend if it's not from him but I asked him when he comes home at the end of next month can he get tested before he as next been tested in his life and he is 22