A guy i loved dearly, i would do anything for him to make him happy. We were soulmates..  We had a baby together.. and i did everything, I cooked every meal for him,  and cleaned, i did everything for our baby. If i did ask him to make a bottle, he would have an attitude about it, even if i asked him to grab a diaper and wipes and ill change her.. he slowly gave up.. and i talked to my best friend at the time, and it was time to think about breaking up.. i didnt want to of course.. so i decided to talk to him about it.. i told him he doesnt do anything for his kid, and why? And he got really mad and got in my face not even a inch away and he started taunting me, like putting his face closer to mine and moves away and he did it 3 times, so i gently pushed him away from my face. He got even more mad, and pushed me by my shoulders into our bedroom, then grabbed my throat  (he didnt squeeze) but backed me into the bed and i tripped and fell onto thw bed he got on top of me still has his hand on my throat.. btw.. our daughter was in her carseat getting  ready to leave, she was right next to my feet in the bedroom.. he told me "How would you feel when our daughter finds out her mom died on the bed" i cried.. he went into detail on how he can kill me (something about wind pipe) i dont exactly know, im not too smart with whats in the body.. but, i screamed "KILL ME THEN!!" He got up and walked to the couch and lit a cigarette.. i grabbed my baby girl, i grabbed her diaper bag stuffed as much of her stuff as i could in there as fast as i could, and as we were walking out he said "yeah of course taking my daughter with you" i didnt say a word, i kept walking.. we went to my best friends house, and talked.. i felt so lost, and cant see our lives without him.. i ended up not having any feelings.. i still dont.. we were only together for a year and 2 months.. felt like 3 years. My friends mom, heard everything and called the cops, so yes they all know about this. He isnt aloud to be near our daughter.. but, anyway, now.. after a year and 3 months, i am with an amazing guy who i love a lot, and i know i do because i love him as much as i love my daughter.. we arent as close as my ex.. but, we get through everything together. I still lost my feelings.. and i dont know what is wrong with me.. we actually just found out were having a baby (: we get through our fights even if they get really bad.. but i just want to know what happened.. and is there a way i can feel again? Will this pregnancy remind me how much to love again? And help me have feelings about anything? If anyone can help, that would be great.. thank you in advance.