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I'm really freaking out! I was trying for a baby with my boyfriend we bought ovulation tests the lot, my first day of my last period was jan 11 - 16, I was then ovulating on the 17, we had sex, 16 17 & 18. Then we broke up because I found out he was cheating, I then had sex with a guy on the 20 and 24. I haven't been for my 12 week scan yet but I am in two weeks time, i'm suppose to be due 18th october. I'm really confused by all this. Can someone please help me out?


Hi Anna,

With your LMP starting on 11 January you'd likely ovulate between 22 and 26 January.  It would be VERY early for you to ovulate on the 17th.

So, if you ovulated by the test, then it could be your ex.

If you ovulated by the "average" dates it could be the "other guy."

You'll need a DNA test to determine paternity.  Ovulation test kits are not always reliable.

I'd bet on "other guy" but there is a chance it is the ex.

Hope it helps.