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I look ugly and not beautiful at all


How exactly is that affecting you in this day and age? If it is relationships then you must've heard this a lot. "No one cares about how you look, they care about how you are as a person." Genuinely decent and well educated people do not care about appearances. Appearance only caters to one glance judgement. People may not like you at first glance (in your opinion), but they may like/love you once they get to know you. No one really cares about how a person looks once they start talking. At least I don't. And I'm pretty sure that if I can be so forward being from a third world country (with respect to the people), most people in whatever country you live in will also be. 

If you feel your "ugliness" is getting in the way of your interaction with someone then try conversation. There are people with acid burnt faces who are beautiful because of who they are and what they do. You have a normal face with no abnormalities medically speaking. I don't see why you think you are ugly. Please dispose that notion. Every human is ugly or beautiful based on who they are and based on how they act (good/evil). Not based on how they appear.