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i am ugly i already know that but how do i make myself look pretty and if someone would ask to help i would be so happy and not mad with the person


Nobody's ugly. Some people are just not conventionally good looking. You should know your assets and try to accentuate parts of your face that are pretty with make up. Mascara always makes eyes look a bit bigger an more open. Experiment with eye liner and eye shadow, but don't overdue it. Change your hair style. Hair is a big part of women's appearance. If you always wear your hair up in a ponytail, cut it short. Go to a nice expensive salon and get a nice haircut and you'll see a change. Also wear colorful clothes that suit you well.


The first thing you need to do is to gain some confidence. Once you have accomplished this, the rest will fall into place.
I am sure you are not ugly. No one is truly ugly, exept on the inside.
A warm sole and a giving heart makes one attractive, which i am sure you have.
Look in the mirror and pick out one thing that you are not happy with to start. Do some research on how you can fix this a little, short of surgery.
Are your eyebrows to bushy? Professionally have them waxed.
Eye color bothering you? Get contacts.
Eyes to big? To far apart? To close together? You would be surprised at what a new hair cut and or color will do for that, then the correct eye makeup applied.
Hair mousy and drab? Throw in some highlights, summer is comming, they will look pretty.
Pale skin from winter? A LITTLE BIT of sun will be nice. A spray on tan is 15.00. Or spend a TINY amount of time in a tanning bed, just to get some color started.
Problems with tooth color? Maybe are they a little dingy? Try some whitening strips. Now with summer ahead, a lot of Dentists will offer zoom whitening at half price.
To heavy? Go on a diet. To thin? Eat a lot of McDonalds. (just kidding)
Buy some sexy new cloths. Get a pretty pedicure and buy some sexy peep toes or some sexy sandals.
Stand in front of a full length mirror. Hold your self upright and tall. Push your chest out, pose yourself like a model on the runway. Keep doing this.
Strut around the house in your heels, especially if your not so good on heels. Do this a couple of times before you take it outside. Then, smile a lot, have good conversation. Think before you speak. Be courteous and friendly. There, if you thought you were ugly, your not anymore.


ok first tell us what you actually think is ugly about you, we can't help if you don't give is more information. And don't answer with "everything", thats not helpful and no one is completely ugly

2nd makeup helps if you know how to use it, and a good hair style can do wonders for things like your face shape and taking attention away from one thing and on to another


How can you say that you are ugly.confidence makes person beautiful so first
you feel more confident and after that taking a new but suitable hairstyle u will be look BEAUTIFUL


Hey! I am also ugly but my living funda is "just be yourself".':-)'
Believe me i hate makeup.Because it hides your natural beauty.
I really believe that no one is ugly .Every one have some special quality.
Try to find that quality in yourself.

Some good beauty tips-
1.d'not do over makeup
2.Wear the dresses which suits to your complexion.
3.Always try different hairstyles.

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As a rule of thumb, happy, confident, healthy people are always attractive, no matter how they look. (but usually they look pretty good, too)

Get sleep, eat well, drink water. Here in Canada we have something called the Canada Food guide, which is a great visual guide to healthy eating. I'm not sure if there's an American equivalent, but the Canadian one should work well enough if there isn't. Look it up on Google.

"Just be confident" is a fine thing to say if you don't have any confidence issues of your own, but actually getting it in the first place takes a bit of a paradigm shift, and there's no magic bullet that will work for everyone. Sometimes it's as simple as deciding that you're the only one who has any right to define your beauty is you, and what benefit is it to you if you define yourself as ugly? If you can't quite believe that you're beautiful, then try not basing your identity and self image on your looks, just for a little while. Focus on what you have strength in, and define yourself by that. This will put you in a position of mental strength if and when you decide to tackle your body image issues later on.

Seeing a counsellor might be a good option as well, if it's giving you a whole lot of grief.

Try this: while you're falling asleep at night, think of three good things that happened during the day, and analyze why they happened. The first couple of times will be tricky, but after that it will begin to become easier. This is a way to train your brain to think positively and not worry on the negative. You'll find that if your overall outlook is happy, then your outlook toward your appearance will improve as well.

And if the problem here is that people have been telling you that you're ugly, Honestly, darling, don't listen to them. In my experience, ugly people don't get called ugly very often; that would be the point? It's only catty, insecure people who bother to do that, and they only do it to people who threaten them on some level. Example: In school, I used to play hockey with the boys, who thought it was great that I could keep up with them. Their girlfriends, needless to say, weren't pleased, and threw all kinds of put-downs my way. Were they true? Not a bit. I'm fit, smart and pretty, although I didn't really believe it at the time. Even so, it was obvious why they were making up such lies, and it was easy enough to brush off.

I don't know what exactly your story is, but if you just have this hovering feeling of ugliness, with one or two incidents buttressing it, might I be so bold as to suggest that it is baseless? It is for most people. As I said in another post, a majority of women have negative body image problems, and a minority are actually "ugly." Odds are that you aren't actually as ugly as you claim to be. Unless you look like this. ****** Then we'll talk. ;-)

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