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I am 24 and I have the same problem as some others, I feel ugly unattractive and feel like boys take me for a ride i dunno y i feel like that probably because its true but hey you cannot change who you are no matter how hard you try.
I go to the gym 3 nights a week and get spray tans go to the hairdressers alot but i still feel ugly.
So no wonder peoples husbands go off with other people weather there married or not, I suppose you just have to get used to been used and a doormat like me I have had it for 9 years now and it wont change now.


Today's people are being brought up to be cold, ruthless people. BUT there are a few out there who are kind, sensitive as you and caring. Unfortunately, at age 24, a person still thinks themselves "ugly" by standards they have set up for themselves. Guess what. You would be amazed to find out who does not see you in this way! You will get older and this thinking will change. You will realize, as hindsight is better than foresight, that means when you get older you will look back and think, boy, how wrong was I to think I was subhuman, I was doing better than I thought! This is natural, most think the same way!

Exercising and taking care of yourself! BRAVO! believe me your being admired and don't know it!Remember, you have set the standards by which you see yourself, we all are our worse enemies ask anyone! Your positives are obvious and better than you know! You continue to care for yourself, and again BRAVO, so many do not, so your ahead of the many!

Marriage and infidelity. Wandering eyes, no committment, not understanding what your entering into, is the fool's thinking. Marriage is forever babe! Even when you divorce, you never, ever forget your marriage. so make sure its really what you want.

Doormat? Why be one? No nothing will change unless you force yourself to change it. Sometimes you have to look at that man/woman in the mirror and talk to them seriously. Sounds funny? Wait till you start talking to that beautiful person who has potential, self worth, and no time to waste on losers anymore. You'll start winking at the person in the mirror, and saying do it for yourself no one else will, no one cares more than me, do it for us! Don't let anyone stop us from a good life, and we ARE going to have it! Tell yourself to stand up straight, give us that look that says we will not tolerate c**p anymore. Look tougher, take charge, practice my dear, practice, and guess what the world will see what you see, she/he is in there just waiting to take charge, grrrr!

People will start seeing a different you and its called R E S P E C T babe! It works by the way, psychiatrist would tell you to do it too, so I'm not totally crazy. When you see the difference in your mirror everyone around you will too. Give us a big UHH! Right back at this crappy world, get out ta the girls way!


I have a little exercise for you all: Stand with your back to a large mirror, and hold a smaller make up  mirror in front of your face. Now tilt the mirror slighly and you will see another reflection of you. This reflection is what others see. I think it is so brilliant!! What you see is your perception of yourself, but suddenly when you tilt that mirror, you will see yourself as others see you, and its not as bad, because it is a different perception. Suddenly you will find that your're not as ugly as you think you were. You are looking at yourself from another point of view, and trust me, this is like having a good look at your real self from lets say, your parents point of view, or best buddies. It can be a bit spooky, like a ghost of you standing in front of you!!  It totally changed my life, and I am enjoying my life much more now. I wish I discovered this mirror tilt when I was younger!!<3


 Love and Cheers You Beautiful people, I hope you do this as soon as you see my message. Next week you'll be buying fantastic clothes and going to fantastic places enjoying yourselves and hopefully feeling less ugly, or not at all, which is what I hope. And you won't be  writing how much you hate yourselves.   All the best !!