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I had this small lump on the lobe of my left ear. It has been there for five years now and I didn’t pay too much attention on it. Sometimes it caused itching but most of the time-I do not even notice it.
But, 3 months ago, my best friend noticed that it started to grow.
I’ve just said that it was this big always and that she is exaggerating. However, deep down I new that she was right but I was afraid to admit this to myself.
I’m afraid what this could be. I’m suspecting that this could be adipose tissue or something…? But, whatever it is I’m afraid to see doctor.
Did anybody have this kind of lump and what was it?


I must say I’m not the Doctor, but I am a trained nurse and I might be able to help.
First, you shouldn’t wait a minute longer! Go and see doctor immediately, because you’re wasting very precious time. Don’t play with your health!
Let me just tell you what this lump can be.
It can be from adipose tissue like you said-that’s truth. But, behind ear, there are very small amount of adipose cells so development of adipose tissue is very unlikely.
I’m sorry but I think that we are talking about tumor here.
That is most likely a skin or salivary gland tumor. Your tumor can be malign and benign and difference between them is ability to spread to other parts.
Do you now understand why I said you shouldn’t wait a minute longer?
That’s why – run to your doctor because early diagnosis and treatment often means healing.