well am kinda like the  same there a small lump behide me left ear i went to my doctor but he said not to worry about it nearly every1 get it and they go away, but mine there this 8 months and now sinces i done nothink about it// it got much much bigger and it was starting to hurt very bad not to much pain but painful anfu !! so me and my mates where in shopping in a diffcen city and my mate was getting her eye sitch up after her falling ..i had nothink better to be at so i when to the nurse to ask if someone counld see my ear for a minute or two she took me into the room and ask me did i go to my docotor i said yea but he said not to worry about it . that it normal , she told me to wailt in the room for about 5 minutes and then a nother doctor came in am started to have a look at it and then he excam it !! little did i know there was tumor in my ear so for you girls and guys out there who when to their doctor and they said the same i say you go to someone else for second apennine