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Okay so I know the smart thing to do is to just take a test but I want to know if I have any symptoms of pregnancy first... My boyfriend and I have sex frequently at least twice-three times a week but it slowly started to turn to once every two weeks and we hardly use protection it's all usually using the pull-out method though he came in me a few times, not after each other. I'm 18 and I've been with him for 3 years so I don't want any bad judging, just saying. I missed my period twice, so that's two months now and I've had white thick discharge. I'm never usually wet down there even when I'm turned on. My mum told me it was hard for her to get pregnant and that she had to try really hard to get me and I turned out to be an only child. My boobs have sort of grown and my stomach just looks a bit bigger but I don't know that's probably cause I'm gaining weight I've started to eat more than I usually do but I know the reason for that is cause I can't control my food, I usually take these pills to stop me from eating too much it controls my diet and I stopped taking it a few weeks back. I had morning sickness for a week and my gag reflex has become pretty bad... I don't have any back pains or any sort of pain in my body at all, I'm not tired at all since I read that usually pregnant women get pretty tired and get body pains.


Hi Guest,

From reading what you are saying I think it would be a good idea to take a pregnancy test.  Firstly it only takes one time of having sexual intercourse unprotected to get pregnant, so if you and your partner are at it three times a day, or once a month it can still happen.  The reasons I'm suggesting to take a test is mainly the missed period, now two months.  It is quite common when pregnant to have increased discharge, sometimes quite a lot.  Boobs do grow, and usually the areola (I can't spell it but area around the nipple) darkens, sometimes it can get quite dark, if you are white skinned it can go from pink to a dark brown.  Eating more and your tummy growing are no necessary indications of pregnancy especially at this early stage, nausea however can often be the hormones causing you to be sick either in the morning or with some women in the evening.  You may become intolerant to some smells, as you have said your gag reflex is a bit more sensitive, some scents can make pregnant women hurl, I smoke but the smell of other peoples cigarettes used to make me throw up, sometimes women go off certain foods too, I love coffee and never ever ever drink tea, cant stand it.  When I was pregnant with my first coffee made me ill and I drank tea like it was going out of fashion.

There can be many reasons for missed and late periods, and even with pregnancy the symptoms vary from woman to woman, some not experiencing any changes - so with all the guess work in the world the only way to know is to take a test. You can pick them up at the chemist or most stores,  I'm not sure on cost here they are around £12, thats probably in the area of $25.  You should be able to get this done for free at a family planing or STI clinic if you can't afford one, and they will also be able to give you advise depending on what you want to do.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions or how it turns out, I'll pop back although it may take some time depending due to time differences etc Good Luck