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hi im abby and im 5"6 and i weigh 150 is this normal?


i am 5'9 and 165 pounds. according to any weight/bmi scale i am overweight. and yet my waist line is currently 29 inches and my doctor says i am in good health. you cant not go by a scale, hun. as muscle weighs more than fat does. if you're 150lbs and you're well-toned/athletic you're probably not overweight. but if your middle kinda jiggles when you walk (or you dont walk at all), then you're probably bordering on obese. what i suggest to anyone is, instead of getting on that scale, break out your mirror and tape measure. when nude, if you have a gut hanging out or love-handles, you need to lose some of that fat. if your waist line is greater than your hips then you need to lose some fat.

and if you're still in doubt, ask your doctor (or even a pharmacist) if they think you are fat based on what they are looking at (just dont get upset if they happen to say yes. you ARE asking, after all.)