My weight depresses me. It always has and I'm afraid it always will. I'm 19 years old and my biggest fear going into college was the freshman 15. Well it hit me hard. Extremely hard. I'm always told that, "Youre fine. Stop worrying about how much you weigh." Well when I get on the scale and I see 162 I start balling. This really hit me when I took a walking class for a PE and I had to get my BMI and body fat percentage measured. My BMI says I'm overweight at 5'6, 162 pounds. My body fat percentage is 25.9%, which I was told is good. I couldn't overlook the fact that I am overweight though. I have never been this big in my entire life. The sad thing is, I'm a competitive contemporary clogger, which means I have a lot of muscle in my legs. I know that muscle weighs more than fat, but my legs aren't stomach is. I was picked on in elementary school about my weight, and I guess I have a fear of people looking at me and thinking the same thing. My self esteem SUCKS. I constantly tell myself that I would be prettier if I were 30 or 40 pounds lighter. I have tried numerous things. I walk 30 minutes a day, I have cut out all cokes, and I eat in smaller portions. I've started snacking on fruits instead of junk food, and I've limited myself on fast food - if any. I also do 20 minute core workouts to help tone it. NOTHING SEEMS TO WORK. I keep gaining weight. And I keep growing. At the beginning of the summer I was a 9. Now I'm an 11. I worry myself about this all the time. I used to wear clothes that were fitted and cute. Now I wear larger t shirts and longer shorts because I'm embarrassed of my body. I'm tired of looking in the mirror and not liking the person a see looking back at me. I just want help and answers. Please and thank you in advance. ❤️