this is my very first pregnancy and I'm 27 years old. So here is my story and I hope someone could help me out. So me and my boyfriend were having issue in our relationship so I had intercourse with another man and I just found out I'm pregnant. So my LMC was July 16, on the websites it says I ovulated the end of July maybe the 30-31st. I had sex with my boyfriend July 29 and the other guy 31st basically early morning. I know the sperm stays inside of you for 3-5 days so that's why I thought the chance of my boyfriend being the father was high. But when I keep putting in these dates online it's making me think it's not because I didn't have sex with him the 30-31st.  I'm not 7 weeks pregnant and I have no idea who the father is because of that one day I had sex with the other guy. So now my boyfriend wants me to get a DNA test before the baby is born so that we know the truth. I'm so stressed out because I know I was wrong but I honestly don't want get a abortion because I waited so long for this. Also the DNA test is so expensive. I need some help here please anyone.