Me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex two days ago. (This was not our initial plan it just kind of happened) He couldn't fit it in so it didn't do much but I've read that you can still get pregnant regardless if it actually went inside you. He said he did not feel himself release anything and we checked and didn't

see anything. However, when I got home a few minutes later I saw something that looked like my own discharge but paranoid me thinks it could've been his. It scared me. We're not ready for a baby. So just to be safe I took Plan B about 7 hours after. The next day I experienced slightly more discharge than usual and I'm a little scared because I didn't know that could be a side effect. (I still don't know if it was actually because of Plan B) I've read that this can happen during ovulation which plan B is supposed to prevent. A couple of more possibly relavent details are: 1. This is around the time I should start ovulation but I'm hoping plan b worked and prevented it 2. I feel slight cramping today (two days after it happened) It's unlike I've felt before. It's like a slight tension in my lower abdomen. It doesn't hurt but it's worrying me. 3. I've had no headaches, nausea, breast tenderness which are the most common side effects I've read about

4. I think I'm using the bathroom slightly more than usual. I can't tell if this is paranoia or not.

5. I might should mention I'm more gassy than usual