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Hi, I started getting anxiety when I was about 17 Years of age and I am now 20. When my anxiety started I started feeling a strong discomfort in my stomach and sometimes so strong I couldn't go to school. I was treated and diagnosed with Panic Disorder. I got X Rays and blood tests and everything came out fine. After a year of Celexa and Ativan my symptoms started to dissapear. During that time my father suffered a heart attack. Months after his recovery I started to feel a discomfort on my chest and kept thinking that I was going to have a heart attack. I got an EKG and blood tests and everything came out fine. This time I was more prepared to and dealt with the anxiety with no meds around half a year later. No strong symptoms after this recovery. About 2 weeks ago I got in to a car accident and lost my car. Everything was fine before that but after I lost my car I started to become depressed and anxious being stuck at home. I got a new car but it broke down the first day I got it. After I fixed it I was excited but Different symptoms of anxiety started to appear. Now I'm sitting in a room at work feeling weak, tired, with thoughts of impeding doom. My chest feels like there is pressure pushing in. My stomach hurts a lot and I have a loss of appetite. My sleep is okay about 7 hours a night average. I feel like I'm going to pass out and have no energy. I noticed that I might have Sinus Arrythmia. My blood pressure stays between 116 and 119 over 70. I had a pranic healing done yesterday it helped at the moment I felt like nothing was wrong but this morning the symptoms started to appear again. I want to eat but I can't. I was on a strict diet before this and lost about 24 pounds. I can't eat very much because I trained my stomach to eat very small portions of food every 3 hours. This bad thoughts of inpending doom and the feelings of weakness are really ruining my life. I want to feel energized again I'm 20 for gods sake! This is ruining my life. I don't what to do anymore. I've read the Panic Away book and that didnt help much. It helped a bit. Can you guys recommend me something please! I want my life abd youthness back!


Hi Rob,

Did you completely stop your Celexa and Ativan treatment? I know how easily you can make yourself think you’re feeling better and that treatment is working when in fact you were only feeling better because Ativan helped you to calm yourself. If you’re not using it anymore, and you are now thinking you’re suffering from Sinus Arrhythmia – I’m afraid that the best thing you can do for yourself is to visit your doctor again and see to get a new appointment.

Panic attacks and anxiety that are affecting you and your whole life this much, the only thing you can do, really, is to try to get the treatment for these disorders first. As long as anxiety keeps you doubting your heart is beating correctly, it’s doubtful that you’d get more than temporary relief from ECG or similar cardio test. Your fears would most likely just re-focus to some other part of your body.

Wish you the best,