Hello ,yesterday I went to see my massage therapist ,until the session was over we were both fine ,talking normal ,no headache nothing what so ever ,once the therapy session was over I got up to get dressed and left ,when I got to the reception area the receptionist wasn't there except for other clients ,so I went back in the therapy room and I found my therapist passed out ,her eyes were rolled up,her hands wide open,her legs aswel ,I thought she was dead ,instead of helping her I left the room came to the reception area and told the clients that someone has died ,after saying that I went and sat down,from the moment I sat down,I started sweating,my head started to spin,I felt so dizzy and I vomited twice and I felt very cold ,and while am sitting there they came and told me that she passed out because she worked on an empty stomach ,and they asked if I was fine I became speechless ,got toungetied they had to rush me to the local clinic there they gave me a very tiny white pill that I had to place under my tounge ,and the doctor told me that I have anxiety disorder ,what worries me is that I didn't even scream or even try to help her ? Is it normal does it happen to others ? Pls help