I have been with this beautiful young woman for 10 months and 5 days and we have talked about her being diagnosed with a BP Illness. I’m not sure what type she is tho but throughout our relationship we have been perfectly fine beside my anxiety getting in the way of us going places sometimes but we have been working on that together a lot lately and has been going well. This woman is the love of my life and I am willing to do anything for her. I love her so much. Sorry. So six days ago I stayed the night at my girlfriends house and we went out and got a bath bombs and chilled in the tub all night for our anniversary and everything was fine but she was coming off of old med and onto new ones.( another doctor said that taking somone off of the drug she was on is like being addicted to heroin and just completely stopping.) so I knew she was unstable at the time but the next morning when we were thring to figure something out to eat for us (keep in mind I am really picky when it comes to food) and she wanted to go to this one place but the only thing I eat there is a bagel.( yes I’m that picky sadly) so I said no I’m okay you can just stop but McDonald’s and get me something to eat then. Then it went quite in the kitchen and I went to her room to change into so warmer clothes because it was pretty cold. ( she was in the kitchen doing laundry at this time.) she got mad and went into the bathroom and started throwing things at the tub. I ask if she’s okay and she says no . I ask what’s wrong and she said you walked away from me when I was talking to you (but I DID NOT Know she was talking to me.) I said I didn’t know you was talking to me and I said I am sorry for walking away from you. I could just tell she was agitated at everything and I said I was just going to go home for the night to give her some space for the night. She said okay and took me home and seemed fine at the time. Later that night I got a call from her saying she was in the hospital because she was feeling weak and was having suicidal thoughts and that they were going to take her to a mental hospital. She gave me the information to get ahold of her and stuff while she’s in there and was fine with me trying to keep me up cause I was pretty upset thinking it was my fault she is going there. ( I have pretty bad anxiety and depression) so the first day she called me in the morning before I went to work and we talked for 20 mins cause that’s the longest that she is able to be on the phone. I ended up crying at the end of the call and then we hung up. I got 3 more calls with her and they were going great besides my break downs before we hung up. So On the fourth day was visiting day and we talked in the morning on the phone before I went to work again and everything sounded fine so we hung up and i dint cry cause we both was happy to see each other. So I go to visit her and when there she only talked to her sister and barely mad eye contact with me she said one thing to me throughout the whole time and that was when I started to break down and she asked if I was okay and I said no I just really miss you and she said it’s okay I’ll be out soon and then asked if she can talk to her sister for the last five minutes and I said yes then we said our byes and I left and started breaking down again. Later that night I got a call from her saying that she has been going to group therapy and thinks we should break up because she is stressed trying to fix me.then said she will talk to me when she gets ou. I say okay and we hung up ( I ended up busting up both of my hand cause I broke down because it’s my fault she’s there) So earlier today (5th day) I called her just to see how she was and how her day was going and then she told me that I am similar to her mom and thinks we should just take a break.(her mom wasn’t too good of a parent when she was growing up because she was dealing with thyroid issues and wasn’t there for her) I said okay just know that I’m here for you and I love you and then she said she had to go to group so we said bye and hung up. I don’t believe It is fair to judge me off of her Mom just because I don’t like going to places sometimes or we have trouble finding something to eat. I have recently got pills for anxiety and depression and I will be working on that. I just have no idea what to do ( I mean we are still going to call each other while she is there but when she gets out she said she wants her space form everyone and I said okay if that’s what you want than that’s what we will do and i told her I love her and that I’m not leaving her like this and that I’m here for her.) I love this girl like crazy she is my world and will do anything for her. Any advice please - Devin