I was in the bathroom and my sister was doing my hair this morning and my head started pounding and my vision started to get black and my stomach was hurting so bad. I started to get sweaty and I couldn't hear or see anything and all of a sudden I passed out and my sister shook me and asked if I had eaten yesterday and I had eaten breakfast and lunch, but not dinner. But I usually don't eat a lot or that much, but I've never passed or from not eating. I went to go talk to my mum and she felt my head and I told her I was sweating, but she said I was very cold. This happened to me once before, I was doing the dishes and all of a sudden my vision started to go black and there was a ringing in my ear, but before I passed out, I went to lay down on the couch and everything went back normal. I don't know why I passed out though.