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why do i suffer with such bad flatulence am a 26 year old male i gave up smoking 2 weeks ago and the problem seems to be getting worse and smells terrible


You are not alone here brotha, my husband is the King of Farts. We have changed his diet, took beans out of the picture all together, changed everything to make him healthier, nothing works. He does it so much and so often that it has become part of out daily lifestyle. I draw the line tho when we are in public, but he has tried to get away with it until i freaked out on him about it. There have been times when i have had to turn the tv up because he is so loud. In bed, oh geez, forget about it, he has kept me awake at times. We have actually argued about this on several occasions. He says, it's natural, i say, at least excuse yourself or try to squelch it a little, he has no shame and lets them rip when ever the urge hits.

So, start by maybe changing your diet a little, it may help you. The smell is probably something that you have eaten that didn't agree with your stomach. If you change some things and you still have the problem, especially the odor, you may want to talk to your Dr.