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One night, me and my boyfriend decided to sneak out. My parents don't let me see him so I snuck out with him instead. I told him before I left my house I did not want to have sex. And we have argued about this before. He got mad at me when I told him and he told me that "I didn't respect his decisions and needs to have sex" anyways so we snuck out. And when I was in his room he was trying to kiss me and I gave in because I thought nothing of it. Then he pinned me down to his bed and I was trying to push him off and I told him "Get off me please I told you I didn't want to do anything" and he said "No I won't stop." and he pushed me on the bed even harder, he then tried to spread my legs apart and I kicked him really hard but then he still continued to. And then he had my clothes almost off and I kept telling him to stop and he did not want to. Then He got mad at me he just ignored me for a good 20 minutes. And me, being paranoid about the time because I did not want my parents to know I snuck out. I was scared he would not let me go back home if I didn't have sex with him (he drove me) so I gave in and halfway during the sex, I told him "Okay I want to stop now I don't feel comfortable at all" he told me I was being selfish for not letting him finish. And I tried pushing him off me again and I kicked him in the face and he grabbed my foot and just kept thrusting and I told him "I really want to stop now I don't want to do this anymore please" I said this so many times.  I started crying, and he finally just got off me. And he was mad at me because I didn't let him "finish" . Recently, he was texting me and I called him out on raping me and he told me "Honestly I think you disrespected yourself" and he told me "You were selfish for not letting me cum" and he admitted to me he was a sex addict. So was this rape..? 


Hi AnaJasmine,

You were raped. 

It IS NOT your "fault."

Save the text messages and press charges against him.  If he raped you he may have done it to other women.

There is NO EXCUSE for him to rape.  It's not really about sex as much as it is about power and control.

What if you end up pregnant?

He should not be your boyfriend he should be in jail.

Please contact the police ASAP!



yes...and im so sorry.


I'm a 24 year old male, so from a guy...yes you were and no it was not your fault.


It's NEVER ok to force a girl to have sex with you and then hide behind your actions by the lamest reasoning of 'you wouldn't let me finish'. 


I don't know the time period in which someone can get a rape kit done, but if it was last night or something...PLEASE get it done. If you can't...the VERY LEAST you should do is NEVER EVER EVER see him again. end your relationship.  that is not love, that is not respect. I have a girlfriend of 5 years...I love her. I want to keep her safe and protect her. There is no love in doing the worst thing you can do to a woman.  


There is absolutely no excuse on this earth for someone to rape just doesn't exist. It is 1000000% his fault. He's an animal. 


I could write a book on this...but the message I want to get through to you is that do not think even for one second this was your fault. These were the actions of a disgusting little coward 


my heart goes out to you



Thank you so much, I had no idea it was rape or not. I will press charges, and save the messages. Thank you