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I've been with my boyfriend for 2 year and we're both in our early 20's. When it comes to sex I'm more willing than he is. He can ask for it and even if I'm not in the mood or I don't feel anything I still fake it (he doesn't know) so he can be satisfied. But when I'm really in the mood and ask for it I get rejected or he tells me he masturbated earlier so he can't. I really love him but this is starting to bother me because this has been happening since the past 9 months. We've even argued about it. I also notice he doesn't act the same around me or treat me the same. I try to please him but it seems like its never good enough and now this. I don't know what to think is it someone else ..could he be cheating? ?


Hi an0nym0us,

Cheating?  Maybe but not necessarily.  Is he under any stress?  How's his career?  Any drug or alcohol use?

The rest of this will sound cold but someone has to say it.

He may also just be getting "bored" with the relationship.

Trying to please him, long term, is not a good idea.  You're going to get frustrated, as you are, for accommodating his needs and not taking care of yourself FIRST.

People can and do grow apart.  He's a boyfriend, not your husband.  While two years seems may seem like an eternity it really isn't.  Moving on might be an option for you.  Yes, it can be difficult as you are likely very comfortable with him and change is always scary.  There is someone out there with the same needs as you.

Good luck.



really 9months is a long time. and now he starting with not giving it up when you want  it , only when he wants it. thats a big No NO ..its sad to say that you have had arguments about it and nothing has changed. it could be that he is cheating but also it could mean a lot of other things.

hows his health ?

does he have a stressful life style ?

but look at the bright side ya two are very young and if he is cheating dont worry there are other out there dont lose hope