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Is there any disorder that makes a person crave strong smells? I LOVE the smell of rubbing alcohol, freshly tarred roads, etc. I'm even starting to think skunks don't smell that bad.


Hello there,

When I was younger I had the same problems. I wanted to put my head inside of the petrol browser. And smell of medical alcohol was my favorite one! And I shouldn’t forget how much I loved the smell of fresh bitumen. Of course, my parents have noticed my desire to drink and smell unusual things so they took me to the doctor. It turned out that I had mild iron deficiency. This is causing the condition which is called pica and it is characteristic for small children and pregnant woman but as you can see it can happen to adult man too.

So you need to see your doctor and do some tests to determine if you are lacking iron. If you do, once you start with taking iron supplements your symptoms will disappear in a few days.