This is a very real phenomenon. i literally never drank before being prescribed Cymbalta years ago. I became a drinker after and began to crave alcohol regularly. In May of this year I got myself off of Cymbalta and immediately regained my prior characteristic of not even wanting an alcoholic beverage. I have not had one or craved one in 6 months. There is a very real correlation between Cymbalta and Alcohol abuse. I have seen and been associated with alcoholics in my life and I can honestly tell you that you can not just quit cold turkey without serious help and withdrawal which was not something that I suffered from or others I know that took Cymbalta suffered from. This medication is not helping you it is numbing you. You a still depressed but the feeling is gone. If you really think about it most of your feelings are gone. You are a shell but everything that depresses you is still there. You never ever get to feeling normal unless you face yourself and your feelings and accept them for what they are. Once you let go of all of this you will begin to live and feel normal again. We are not perfect, we feel guilt and we lie to ourselves. Somethings are not worth hanging on to because the cycle gets passed on to our children. This Medication does not allow that healthy process to happen. Look at the people you love the most and ask yourself if they are worth your smile better yet are they not worthy of your love and happiness. We lie to save face, we lie because we care about how we look and we lie to not be embarrassed. We lie are way into sadness and depression. I decided to bare my soul and accept mistakes and ask for help. And I readily allowed myself to receive it. Why? Because I love people and I love their happiness and they don't deserve to not have me give that love and respect to them in return.