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@ 1st i used to eat a few q-tips @ a time by unravelling them down to nothing now I can eat a box of 500 usually putting them in an empty saop container 20 @ a time to get a better taste. i know that this is not normal at all? and i prefer the Brand Q-Tips


Hello iladye,

Yes, you know it yourself already – eating this big of an amount of q-tips, or any amount of q-tips (toilet paper) is really not considered usual behavior. In fact, it might be very well considered as an eating disorder called pica – people who suffer from this condition eat things that are not nutritional or cannot be considered food in any culture.

Different people have different objects they eat and it’s rarely the matter of choice or willpower to stop doing that. There is usually some psychological root behind this behavior and addressing these root problems is at least the start of understanding or even changing this. This obviously will require you to see a psychologist and it’s not only the fact that this behavior is unusual, but the potential damage that indigestible q-tips might do to you is a very strong reason to seek help.