I get these pimples, which I think are normal pimples and I pop them, but After they pop they turn into little black circles with a small lump around them. they kinda hurt when I touch them, so I dug at one and popped it just like you would to a pimple. A little black ball which was hard and about the size of a quarter of a grain of rice came out along with a little pus and blood. The wound did not bleed and turned into a scar after. I have since been afflicted with about 5 more of these, when previously all I got were the normal pimple issues. I currently have one on my face. Someone help.

How should I treat it, if I leave it alone the black circle simple sits there until I pop it and the black "rice grain" comes out, but then it scars! They hurt too, someone please, please, please help.